Top 12 links offenders we must avoid.

Sunday, November 8, 2009 @ 01:11 PM
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Search Engine link offenders

Search engine today  gets 2 different types the artificial and natural incoming link structures. But search engine more prefer the natural links.
But how can we know that we are doing or having artificial link? How do you tell the difference?
It’s important to understand that most types of links don’t fall into dirty to clean or natural —neither can you get penalties from the called bad links or artificial links.
Google uses to determine your link structure and Google personalized or determine you if you are a good link builder or a bad link builder.
Here are the top 12 links offenders that we must avoid based on the analysis of the search engine news . You can read here more at search engine news
1. Link Farms
2. Mini-Net Links
3. Reciprocal Links
4. Paid Links
5. Link Network Links
6. Directory Links
7. Article Directory Links
8. Press Release Links
9. Hidden Links
10. Off Topic Links
11. Homepage Links
12. Identical Anchor Text Links
Links farms are mostly used of some SEO’s to get more links in just a fast period of time. Mini Net links also is the same as that. It is a common strategy to boost a sites links. It is doesn’t matter if where it was come as long it has so many. On the reciprocal links it doesn’t matter that your site have however; too many reciprocal links or the wrong kinds of reciprocal links can hurt your site’s rankings.
The Paid links issue as we know Google did not prioritized that, but paid links can be considered as a natural links if the paid links are not obvious a and not more seen as paid or a artificial link. Link network links are the same in the paid and reciprocal links. Linking in low quality sites through both paid and reciprocal links are too bad. All of them are violating the Google guidelines by participating link swap. Take note Google can easily see that links.
Directory links become bad but how does it will became bad? Submitting your site in low quality directories and too many directory links from your sites is too hard and it cause over optimization but linking in some trusted directories such as yahoo directory and Dmoz are helpful to your sites rankings. Article Directory Links is the same issue with the directory links if you do that in out of balance it also can affect the rankings of your sites. You must consider the good quality article directory sites before you submitting and avoid spamming. Appropriate category on your is a plus and helps your search engine rankings. Press Release Links is going to inappropriate and it is boring, you know why? Because many SEO’s and bloggers do this even their release are in appropriate and it caused uninformative releases. Some press release sites are not made as a distributing the news but instead it is like a link vault that you can get your links from this. Take a note choosing low level press release sites can also bring your sites in zero visibility in the search engines. But keeping your release newsworthy and which contain 1 links per release is a good working. PRweb and CNN and Reuters press release are more worthy because by its popularity.
Hidden Links is the one process of black hat. Hiding links in some pages in your sites to do some trick can bring your site penalized or banned in Google. It is also the same with the Off topic links spammers mostly do this works. One of this example are in the comments link “Thank for sharing this”, “Good Information”, and “I really love your themes or designed”. Blog roll links can be off topic if your site is talking about something and your links is unrelated
Homepage Links you don’t ever expected sometimes that links in your home page are also bad. Example you are linking too many sites in your homepage and it is do follow can lower your authority. Authoritative sites typically have a profile that has lots of links to their internal. Home page links also known as internal links to homepage links some SEO called this deep link ratio. Having a Identical Anchor Text Links to your incoming links help you to ranked high in your targeted keywords however this are applied naturally. But putting anchor text in like some phrases like click here, business name, url of the pages that you are linking and also your domain name cause no value.
Take note: in choosing SEO for your sites you need to insure that they can really do well to your sites. Also remember that putting moderation to your sites helps secured your sites from links maniacs. Choose a good SEO package that can really do and maintain your site effectively. Remember just don’t based your rankings in many links that are no value. Oes tsetnoc SEO package helps you to do it in a good way.